Divorce & Family Law

Divorce & Family Law Services

Divorce including litigation

With over 21 years of experience, Carrie A. Lumi, Esq. has the knowledge and skills to protect your interests in the most complex and challenging family law matters.

Divorce Mediation

Carrie is a R. 1:40 qualified mediator providing mediation services when appointed by the court or selected by attorneys. Carrie also works with private parties who wish to resolve their divorce or family law matter outside of court.

Collaborative Divorce

Couples wishing to resolve their issues without court, while minimizing the conflict and emotional strain of divorce, may want to consider this new interest-based negotiation process.

Custody& Parenting Time

Your children mean everything to you, and you want the best for them. Fears about what will happen to your children can be debilitating. We will make protecting the best interest of your children, and your rights as a parent our number one priority.


Whether you will be responsible for paying or receiving alimony, your financial stability when this is all over is paramount. We work diligently to ensure an acceptable outcome, and a bright future for you and your family.

Child Support

Your children have a right to the peace of mind in knowing their needs will be met now and in the future. We will help ensure their best interest are put first.

Equitable Distribution

We can help ensure that the marital assets accumulated over the course of your marriage are divided equitably and fairly.

Drafting Matrimonial Settlement Agreements

We will ensure that your matrimonial settlement agreement accurately delineates the terms of your settlement so as to help prevent unnecessary disputes or future litigation.

Post-Judgment Issues

Whether you need to modify an existing matrimonial settlement agreement due to a change in circumstances, or you need help because your ex-spouse has violated the terms of your agreement, we can help.

Prenuptial Agreements

Are you considering a prenuptial agreement? Have you been asked to sign one? Family law attorney Carrie A. Lumi can answer your questions, explain the benefits of a prenuptial agreement and help you decide if it’s the best way to protect your family and future.

Domestic Violence

Carrie A. Lumi is dedicated to protecting the rights of clients who are victims of abuse or have been falsely accused of domestic violence.

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